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Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 02:07 AM

City/Area Location Community Air-Quality Level (CAL)
Westside, CA Westside Elementary, Five Points 99
Terra Bella, CA Terra Bella Community 59
Riverdale, CA Lanare Community Center, Riverdale 49
Coalinga, CA Coalinguita Ranch, Coalinga, CA 38
Avenal, CA Senior Center, Avenal 38
San Joaquin, CA San Joaquin, CA 37
Hanford ,CA KCAO Rosa Park Learning Center, Hanford 36
Avenal, CA District Office, Avenal 36
Firebaugh, CA Dunkle Park, Firebaugh 33
Riverdale, CA Riverdale, CA 28
Coalinga, CA Coalinga CA, Monroe St 28
Lemoore, CA West Hills College, Lemoore 25
Corcoran, CA Corcoran, CA 25
Armona, CA Kings Cultural Center 23
Raisin City, CA Raisin City Elementary 19
Huron, CA The LEAP Institute 15
Coalinga, CA Coalinga, CA 0
Avenal, CA Hilltop, Avenal 0
Shafter, CA Shafter Monitor Offline
Arvin, CA Arvin, CA Offline
Coalinga, CA Mobile Home Park, Coalinga Offline
Cutler, CA Cutler CA, Ave 407 Offline

About CALs

Community Air-Quality Levels (CALs) are used to describe air quality in terms of how harmful the level of particulate matter (PM) pollution in the air is to human health. The CALs are derived using similar methods as EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI).

You should use both IVAN Air Monitoring and government air data to understand the air quality levels around you. When comparing health recommendations from both sources, you should follow the most health protective recommendation.

*Sensitive groups include children, teens, older adults, pregnant women, and people with heart, lung, or other chronic diseases


When using this information, please note the following:

  • In order to provide air quality information in real time, the data presented on this website are not validated or verified
  • The air quality levels are for particulate matter (PM) only. Other air pollutants, such as ozone, may be present, even when PM levels are low.
  • These data do not come from regulatory monitors and cannot be used to infer violations of the law
  • Data on this website should be considered preliminary and used with discretion

Learn more about our monitor validation process, how to use the data on this website, and how to compare the data with government

More info

View the Air Monitoring Q&A for more information on the following topics:

Government air data

Air quality data for Kings and Western Fresno County currently reported by government regulatory air monitors are available at and

Report an air problem

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Step 1. Report to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

Call 1-800-870-1037 as soon as you notice a problem with air quality. Their website lists what information to provide in order to support their investigations. It also describes what to expect when you submit a complaint.

Step 2. Report on IVAN.

After contacting the SJVAPCD, we recommend that you also submit a record of the problem here on IVAN FRESNO, including a note that SJVAPCD has been contacted. This ensures that the Environmental Justice Task Force is aware of the complaint and that the complaint is documented on the IVAN FRESNO website.

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